Processed Foods

Astra Farms has established a premier food processing business that offers a variety of preserves, pickles, honey and grape leaves.

The company operates modern multi-production lines and always insists on deploying the latest technology, the best raw materials and maintains a stringent quality assurance program.

Plants & Nurseries

As part of its commitment to self-sufciency and quality, Astra Farms grows, (in its own nurseries), a wide variety of vegetable seedlings, fruit trees, ornamental indoor plants, outdoor landscape plants, windbreakers and many others.

Poultry Range

Fueled by passion and ambition, and in order to meet the ever-growing demand for its quality assured products, Astra Farms continues to grow from a wholesale poultry supplier to a company with Kingdom-wide sales points, under the Tayibat Astra brand name.

Quail Range

Astra Farms was the first to introduce quail to the GCC region when it established the largest quail farm in the middle east, with production capabilities that satisfy the consumption demands of local and international market.

The company maintains the highest levels of health safety controls and continuously strives for excellence.

Fruits & Vegetables

Astra Farms strives to consistently provide its customers with first-class fruit products. The company implements the highest standards across production, packing and shipping.

Astra Farms grows a complete range of organic vegetables and fresh herbs year-round.

Dairy Range

Over the decades, Astra Farms dairy products have gained consumer appreciation due to their ability to deliver great tasting cheeses.

The Company’s diverse product range includes fresh halloumi, akkawi, boiled cheese, soft cheese and fresh labaneh.

Flowers Range

Since its establishment in 1983 under the Astra Flowers brand name, Astra Farms has been recognized as a leader in the cut flowers category. The company’s production capacity, attention to detail and implementation of the latest technology in growing, handling, sorting and packing of cut flowers ensures that it meets local and regional needs.